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Scan Aprima is a company in the interior design industry, which was started in 1975. Our customers are companies in both home interior design and the public environment. As quality and delivery security are our keywords, we only work with selected manufacturers from all corners of the world.

PERFORMANCE+ Easy to clean, long-lasting fabrics

(Replaces Efficiency)


When every day is so demanding that you need a fabric that takes care of itself. Whether it's after work, travel or just a busy day, we designed PERFORMANCE + fabrics for people who enjoy their homes and want them to be comfortable and easy to care for.
Made from the best local materials. PERFORMANCE + fabrics are easy to clean and extremely durable, lasting for years of intensive use.

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BENU® Recycled

Camilla Fischbacher

Creative Director:

"We have all seen the alarming images of seas clogged with plastic, which poses a threat to animals, humans and the environment. With the innovative BENU® SEA rugs, we have managed to breathe new life into existing raw materials and transform them into an aesthetic , valuable quality materia. "


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We designed Noah to take into account the planet as well as private and professional spheres. Noah is made of 100% recycled material and is an innovative fabric that can easily last a lifetime. And it's convenient too. There is no such thing as waste.

Noah is made from recycled fiber from PET bottles and polyester straps. By recycling and reusing waste, Noah values resources and contributes to a just, respectful, sustainable and more conscious society.

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Moss is a true artist. The elasticity of the fabric enables simple upholstery that reduces seams while being made of 100% flame-retardant polyester. Its production process generates zero waste.
But we would not make you choose between aesthetics and functionality. Moss knitted texture oscillates between a monochrome look and a rich color composed of different shades that give a warm feeling to any interior. Not because it was necessary, but we have even expanded our color palette for Moss to suit all occasions.

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Soft liquid, antistatic and easy to clean

The patented nanotechnology used for the metal coating makes ANTI HEAT fabrics extremely functional. Thanks to the very thin coating, the fabrics retain their flexibility and their soft, liquid draping. They are antistatic, which means that they do not attract dust. And they can be easily washed in the washing machine.


Our fabrics within APRIMA CONTRACT are widely prescribed on the contract market. Flame-retardant furniture fabrics with extremely high durability in lots of contemporary delicious colors.

The fabrics are EASY CLEAN, which means that heavy stains are easily removed with only lukewarm water and mild soap solution. This provides trouble-free use in hotels and restaurants as well as other public environments.

Of course, all fabrics within APRIMA CONTRACT can also be machine washed according to the instructions you find here on the site.




                                                      Create without waste

We do not see sustainability as a complex phenomenon. For us, sustainability is a way of thinking that is about respect for people, culture and our natural environment. Our upholstery fabrics within APRIMA CONTRACT are woven in state-of-the-art facilities where the weaving mill has adopted a local textile heritage with its craftsmanship and craftsmanship techniques. Raw materials and natural resources are used responsibly, sensibly and efficiently.

The production is certified according to ISO 14001, the environmental management system that ensures that the impact of the manufacturing process on the natural environment is kept to an absolute minimum. The weaving mill recycles 100% of its industrial waste. When we think of sustainability, we think of something that is meant to be enjoyed and loved, not consumed and thrown away. That's simply how we are and this is driving us forward.

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Our Partners

KOBE Interiör Design

Since 1976, Kobe from the Netherlands has been a reliable supplier of curtain and furniture fabrics, wallpaper for both home and public environments. With the help of 150 employees, daily delivery security and the highest service over the years have been proven.


Crevin is a family business that has been producing furniture fabrics since 1976.
For many years, our customers can vouch for Crevin leading the development with fabrics that meet expectations in innovation, design and technical excellence.

CAMO Leathers

Camo Leathers was founded in 1996 by Jörgen Birch. The company is headquartered in Auning north of Aarhus. In 2006, Camo Leathers built a new warehouse and office of a total of 2,000 square meters and today has more than 25 different qualities of leather and more than 150 different colors in stock.

CREVIN Collection Contract

Among European weaving mills, Crevin is today the market leader in product development, weaving, finishing and marketing, with constant quality control over all production steps, as evidenced by the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

ARISTIDE Inspirations

Aristide has been active as a distributor of high quality furniture fabrics since 1979 and Aristide Bourguignon founded the company (then called Aritex). In 2008, the company was handed over to the next generation of the Bourguignon family.

Christian Fischbacher

For almost two centuries, Christian Fischbacher has been at the center of the textile industry. This is a family business headquartered in St. Gallen Switzerland, a center of the textile industry since the 14th century. Christian Fischbacher offers textiles and home accessories for luxurious interiors with personality.