KOBE presents   Summer 22-introduction

New FR products

KOBE introduces a range of new inherent FR fabrics and new stain-free FR upholstery fabrics in its EASY & SAFE collections. 

The FR fabrics are developed with focus on the aesthetic features that fit both homes and commercial areas, while meeting stringent contract standards in terms of maintenance and international FR norms.

AZORA is truly one of its kind as it is one of the first woven wide-width velvets. The velvet is woven with inherent FR yarns creating a short, soft pile and has a sublime overall shine that adds to the depth of the colours, making it very elegant.

Velvets are timeless and fit in all interior styles. Azora is also washable with minimum shrinkage and retails the pile integrity during washing, making it perfect for curtains, bedspreads and accessories for both homes and rigorous contract use.

It is available in 20 colours.

KAMIKO is woven in jacquard with a mix of matte and shiny coloured yarns in different textures. The fabric has a natural touch and a chic vibe and drapes beautifully.

It is woven with 100% Trevira CS yarns and is perfect for adding a stylish window concept in all interior styles in both domestic and contract use. Kamiko is 305 cm high, usable as Roman Blinds and can be used on both height and width.

It is available in 7 colourways.

TAMALA FR is woven in dobby with GRS certified 100% recycled FR yarns. These yarns meet the Global Recycling Standards. It is 305 cm high, making it suitable for most window heights.

The fabric has a slightly open-weave construction with a crisp, natural feel and matte, contemporary look. Tamala FR can be turned to drape on both height and width.

It is available in 11 colours.

Trench is a dimout woven in dobby with linen-look inherent FR yarns. It is soft, has a natural touch with a  calendered/chintzed look and drapes easily.

Trench has a contemporary, chic vibe, making it a perfect alternative for curtains in all rooms, especially the bedroom where light blockage is important. The fabric can also be used for bed-spreads and accessories for both domestic and contract use. Trench is 300 cm high, and is suitable for Roman Blinds and can be turned for use in both height and width.

It is available in 17 colours.


Specialty sheers with creative binding constructions are on trend. Kobe introduces new mesh sheers in this collection, each with its own unique look and allow optimal amount of daylight in.

While developing these sheers, the focus has been on achieving stylish results while maintaining dimensional stability and ease of drape.

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