PALOMA is a very nice and exclusive smooth leather with a soft greasy touch. Available in a wide range of colors which are sold worldwide. Visible insect and healed wounds contribute to the exclusive look of the leather.

100% chrome-free - and made without the use of PCP and CFC which is harmful to the environment.

The leather has passed crib 5 BS5852 Part.5 firetest.

Raw materials are from South German cattle, and the size per hide is approx. 5.0 to 6.0 sqm.

All Camo leather is dyed.

Please note that the shown colors and grain are only guiding. Differences from the photos to the actual hide may occur

Crome free leather with crib 5 BS5852

Furniture leather which has passed the BS 5852 crib 5 fire test is leather that has been treated in a very special way.

This special assortment includes everything from aniline leather to corrected leather.

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