ALPIN is a full grain semi aniline leather with heavy texture.

BIZON is a modern leather with a well-built texture.

CALIFORNIA is a full grain semi aniline leather with a rich feel.

GRANADA is a corrected grain leather with a nice uniform surface.


MONTANA is a full grain leather with a study structure.

NEVADA is a full-grain, vacuum-tanned, smooth aniline leather.

PALOMA is a very nice and exclusive smooth leather with a soft greasy touch.

PASSPORT is a nice semi-aniline smooth leather with an extremely soft grif.

PISTA is a pull up leather with an Old English look.

REGINA is a slightly corrected semi aniline leather with a soft grif.

SCANDINAVIAN is a full grain smooth semi aniline leather with a soft griff.

SYDNEY is a slightly corrected semi aniline leather with natural grain and an extremely soft touch.

SIERRA is a corrected leather with excellent durability.

Silk is a modern, sleek full grain anilin leather with a wonderful silky touch.

SINGALIN is a full grain leather which is extremely soft with a very nice natural pebble grain.

The unequalled natural sheen of this durable pure aniline leather is so brillant that only unique and fine pieces of furniture can be created from this original leather.

Introduction of Camo Leather A/S

CAMO Leathers A/S was founded in 1996 by Jørgen Birch. The company is located in a small town called Auning, in Jutland, Denmark. In 2006 CAMO Leathers A/S built a large warehouse of 2.000 sqm and new office facilities, and today we have more than 25 mixed qualities of leather and more than 150 various colours in stock. This means that Camo Leathers A/S is one of the biggest suppliers of leather to the furniture industry and the contract market in Northern Europe.

CAMO Leathers A/S has strong co-operation partners in Italy, Austria, Germany and Brazil – and our goal is always to fulfil any special requests from our customers.

Scandinavia, The Baltic States, North Germany, Slovakia and Poland are our main markets, and the collection is carefully adjusted to the above markets.

We offer a wide range of articles from pigmented leather to the most exclusive aniline leather - in a wide scale of classic and modern colours.

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